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We have to be the change you want to see.


I am willing to change the world one poem at a time.

Spoken word is intended to bring forth the conscious minds and embrace knowledge. Its not gibber jabber and unthoughtful messages. As poets if we are writing for our own gratification when we must rethink our motives as a poet. As a spoken word artist I am often asked what makes spoken word so powerful and why am I so passionate about poetry? I couldn’t answer the questions until a few weeks ago.

You see I’ve been a poet for quite some time and I realize the importance of words that are spoken and unspoken.

 Words in general can empower or discourage.


I personally feel that words are so powerful the can create barrios within our own minds and make us feel discouraged, unwanted and unneeded in this world. That’s why I started my journey as a spoken word artist.  I want everyone to be aware of the enormous power that words have in our everyday life

I want to bring life back to the world with my poetry

I am so passionate because spoken word is the only way to spread the word, tell a story, and the perfect way of expression. Spoken word artist have a huge responsibility to speak not just about what is trending or what sounds good with a beat or what would make money but speak about topics and tell stories that will feed the souls of the people. Once we turn down the music the spoken word artist must create a mindset that can bring back life and love to a world full of mix direction.

Join The Movement Or Get Left Behind